Void - Space Artifact

Play by use of a tangible object !

Tangible object - Artefact

Discover the mysteries of an unknown planet

The artifact was materialized into our reality during a crash and you hold it in your hands ! Manipulate the world, use physics to interfere with the environment and to solve puzzles. Challenge your ingenuity and move surrounding elements to the right place at the right time. Trigger mechanisms, build machines, avoid dangerous lasers...

Save a people in danger

Provide yourself with a powerful artifact and help the intrepid Delta, survivor of the spaceship crash, to recover her memory and save her people!

Find a maximum number of holograms among the spare parts of the mothership which crashed on the planet.

Scattered along the way, they allow you to open new paths and provide you with important clues about the past of Delta, the planet and the Artifact.

Objet tangible - Artefact
New Life - L'histoire

A one-way trip to an unknown planet

Around an exoplanet, year 7911. A giant spaceship on fire crosses the atmosphere in a deafening noise. This is the mothership of the New Life Insterstellar Company. Just before the crash, a survival module escapes and lands only several miles away. Its passenger, Delta, wakes up, confused. Where is she? What is she doing there?

By advancing in this unknown, once inhabited place, she salvages spare parts of her mothership that are actually clues about her ancient world, her crew and her destiny.

Lots of challenges await her, while little by little she recovers her memory...



Catherine Uhlrich

Graphic designer

Charles Chalas

Graphic designer

Aurélien Gantier


Benjamin Gattet


Damien Mortini